Welcome to Business Software Solutions - dedicated to providing effective and innovative solutions to real business problems. From

EDI and direct debit software

 to hazardous waste or food traceability software, BSS was founded on the concept that we can help companies improve their efficiency, eliminate unnecessary processes resulting in significant increases in productivity and profitability.

Our goal is to eliminate the manual processes that can be done more effectively on a computer, saving staff time and incorporating systems that are user-friendly and instantly accessible, including Touch-Screen technology that can simplify even the most complex of tasks.

As Microsoft have ended support for Windows XP and a number of other software systems many organisations are required to upgrade or replace their PCs.  Having upgraded their hardware, some companies find that their software will no longer work on the newer versions of Windows.  We have the expertise to upgrade existing systems or redevelop a system using latest technology to meet their company needs.  While this may seem like a daunting task, with our knowledge the work involved may not turn out to be as large as originally anticipated.  Click here for further information.

As part of our software development, we have a number of exciting and time-saving products available:

  • EasyText - This web based bulk messaging system allows you send texts to customers for the most competitive price available in Ireland. Texts cost from just 4c + VAT to every network in Ireland.
  • SEPA Direct Debits  - Our latest direct debit software allows you generate the new format of direct debit files for collecting funds within Ireland and across 32 European countries within the Single European Payment Area. This new format replaced the Ireland only format from 1st February 2014.
  • EDI Generator - Our smart EDI software is capable of uploading invoices electronically to Tesco, Dunnes, Musgraves, etc. directly from your accounts system, and whether you use Sage, Quickbooks or any of the popular packages our EDI software can generate the properly formatted files you need. See more information on our EDI Generator.
  • ASN Generator - As businesses such as Tesco, Dunnes Stores, etc. streamline their internal stock management processes, they require details in advance of deliveries due  from their suppliers (i.e. Advance Shipping Notices).  Our ASN software is capable of creating the information directly from your accounts system, and allows you easily provide the required information.  Furthermore, it allows you print the required barcoded SSCC labels to attach to your deliveries. See more information on our ASN Generator.
  • StockTrace - Integrated food traceability software that has been designed to help you comply with legislation around stock management and batch tracking. Our food traceability software also eliminates the need for delivery books and can supply data directly to your billing and accounts systems. For information see our StockTrace page.
  • TimeTrace - Production staff can easily record their activities and times through a touch-screen, enabling accurate project cost control. Learn more about TimeTrace.

Visit our Project page for more information on our recent software development and see how we've improved efficiency and productivity for our current clients. Choose from our existing packages, including food traceability software, direct debit or EDI software or call us on 021-4979817 to see how we can help your business.