EDI Generator

Submit Electronic Invoices in Seconds

Integrating to your Accounts Package

A significant challenge to be addressed by companies is electronic invoicing via EDI.

Large multiples in Ireland & UK, require electronic submission of invoices and credits in order to maintain their efficient internal payment processes.

This can prove to be a significant challenge to companies with limited IT resources.

How The Software Works

Entering invoice and credit details into an accounting package and then entering the same information onto an online portal can be very time consuming but is also increasing the risk of error and mistakes.

Our system is very easy to use and imports transactions directly from accounts packages avoiding the time taken for double entry to an online system.

Such packages include: Sage Instant/50/100/200, QuickBooks,TAS, Exchequer, Big Red Book, Big Red Cloud, Intact, Pegasus Opera, SAP Business One, Mamut, Innov8, etc.

Once the transactions have been imported a file is generated in a matter of minutes. The transactions can be processed by date range or invoice number sequence. If a single invoice needs to be processed or re-submitted simply input the invoice number and a file will be generated for
that invoice.

You keep full control over the administration of the system. New customers and products can be easily added. Most importantly, your accounting system and procedures remain unaffected.

A reporting module allows you look back to see what invoices and credit notes have been submitted.

Many companies resort to submitting invoices through a web based service. While this achieves the same result, it is very time-consuming
and can be prone to data entry errors.

The EDI Generator will reduce the risk of errors and significantly reduces the time involved.

For more information contact our EDI support team by emailing: info@businesssoftware.ie

Other EDI Products

Purchase Order Importer

Double entry of orders consumes a large amount of time. Our software imports orders received by customers directly into your accounts package. Printing or exporting of picking lists is also available.

EDI Converter

Some systems can only produce EDIFACT or excel format of file. Our software converts invoices from excel into EDIFACT format or imports EDIFACT format files and then produces Tradacoms format.

ASN Generator

Advance Shipping Notification is required by large muliples. Once the order has been recieved our system will produce an ASN file which is submitted prior to delivery of goods.