Easy to use Access Management System for your business. Constantly monitors people’s access and manages all time zone issues. WizAccess can use the same hardware as WizTime, such as biometric fingerprint readers and proximity readers. Now you can control who goes when & where in your building, at what time every day or week that person or persons may have access and keep details information of every attempted access. Our access control supports all electric locks. If you do not already have these they are quite easily fitted.

Full time zone control
Monitors successful access
Access can be seperate or combined with T & A
Each unit can be configured independently
TCP/IP & CAT 5 supported
Supports magnetic locks
Supports fail safe locks
No back through door security
Technologies also available include finger print recording.

The cost effective business solution. The Person takes four of Wiztec's main software packages, Human Resources Management, Payroll, Access Management and Time & Attendance, and turns them into a single package that's ideal for businesses with up to 100 employees. Together with our advanced fingerprint reading hardware, it will allow you to easily manage your business. Read more below:

This exclusive offer includes:
Access Control
Time & Attendance
Biometric Finger Print Reader
Can be used indoors or outdoors
Additional readers can be attached at cost of readers only

Access Control
Our access control software can be configured by zone, by time, by specific staff, or any variation required.

Time & Attendance
Our T&A software can handle any number of work rotas or rosters. It can manage late starts, early starts, auto breaks, rounding and it's all configurable for your organisation.

Our payroll has all the features and functionality required in Ireland and the UK.

Time Recording & Access Control Units
The A50 finger print recognition is an extremely advanmced and robust unit. It can store 1000 finger prints and can be used indoors or outdoors.Where a non contact reader is required we can provide our combined finger print & face recognition reader. This is extremely useful where time or access recording is required by staff who might be wearing gloves or other protective equipment.Our hardware is all 12V DC and connects to a standard network point. Our access control will work with any standard locks. Locks and interfacing components can be also provided to you at an additional cost if required

The Membership Management System is a complete software and hardware system that was designed for managing all types of clubs, gyms and facilities. We were approached by a customer looking for a system to manage their club members and facilities, so we altered our software packages to do this. Since setting this system up we have spent time designing a software and hardware package that we believe is an overall system for managing memberships and controlling access to a premise. We work closely with our customers to design all of our products and if there is anything a customer requires from the Membership Management System, we will try our best to provide it. The software and hardware can be used separately or can be integrated for overall management of the club.

Software Features:
User Friendly: Easy to use for all levels of computer skills.
Manage membership details; manage payments from cash, cards and direct debits
Access History: Check how often your members are using the facility.
Make members aware of upcoming events & offers or membership expiry with automated emails and text messaging.
Store photos of your members and use live view to see which members are currently on the premise.
Run reports to see things such as; monitor daily/monthly or annual takings, memberships, see whose memberships are about to expire
Configurable dashboard to give you an overview of your club.
See what's happening in your premises anytime, anywhere thanks to our mobile cam viewer.
Master Unit

Hardware Features
Biometric Fingerprint units prevent unauthorised access to the premise.
Store all ten fingers per person if required with no ongoing costs for replacement cards or fobs.
Updates software recording who has accessed the premise and when allowing you to run access reports.
Full time zone control throughout the premise; Set the time on the units to allow or restrict access to the premise for individual groups or people between particular hours.
Units can be indoors or outdoors.
If required we also provide a wide range of security cameras which can be linked to phones, laptops and tablets allowing you to see who is on the premise at any time.
The latest addition to the software package is the text messaging service. Our text messaging service is the cheapest available on the market. The hardware that the text messaging is ran through can be purchased alone.