Save time 

Eliminate time-consuming, tedious tasks with data capture solutions that are very simple to use. Carry out tasks in a matter of seconds and have real-time reporting of data through your choice of device. We can implement technology that's perfect for your business.     

Improve data quality

Instant access to databases giving you greater functionality through all areas of your business. Software solutions help to streamline data capture processes, making sure you remain compliant whilst eliminating common document and data capture issues.  

Reduce waste

Cut down on needless office waste. Reduce the amount of paper your business generates with data capture systems and switch to alternative formats. Save floor space and prevent unnecessary waste, ask suppliers and customers to provide you with electronic information.     

Finding out what technology

could do for you

If your business is still dealing with large volumes of paper documents it's time to make a change. Business Software Solutions has a range of technology that can make the world of difference to you. To find out how our software development can add functionality to your business don't hesitate to contact us today by calling +353 21 4979817 or click to get in touch.     


What to Expect from Remote Data Capture Systems

Don't be daunted by the prospect of updating your data management systems. We have the skills and expertise to develop data capture solutions that bring your business into the 21st century. If you want to enhance your current data process procedures we can add value to your IT systems by creating a bespoke solution for your ever changing environment.     

All of our data systems are designed specifically for you and created to support your business needs. We can design a bespoke software solution that enables data sharing across the entire organisation helping to streamline all of your internal processes. Our data capture systems help to enhance reporting, management and make it easier for you to analyse data more effectively. All of these systems can be accessed remotely through mobile apps or integrated with existing accounts packages.     

Electronic data capture software helps to resolve a number of problems within your business. If you have paper taking up valuable space within your business, want to reduce admin time or enable field staff to take advantage of mobile technology, document data capture can be such a valuable asset. We have many solutions available through software development that meets all of your data and document capture needs.  

Ask about our data capture software     

If you are concerned your existing systems are failing to provide you with the level of support you require speak to us here at Business Software Solutions about our innovative capture platforms.  We have effective software enabling you to share data right across your network and throughout your organisation. Simply contact us today for more details and to find out how our software developers can be of service to you.